Mobile Medical Camps

Ladakh is in the Himalayas with little local medical care, limited roads. MIMC sends mobile medical camps into the most remote areas trying to address the local needs of basic healthcare.

Medications are dispensed. As they are screened, patients may be directed to seek medical care at one of the distant hospitals if their conditions are more complicated or critical.

Eye camps are extremely important because of the high incidence of problems from the high altitude. Dental problems are common everywhere and these are also the focus of many camps. Clothing and other household products may also be distributed during these camps.

Medical specialists serving as volunteers have come from Europe, Asia and the US to assist with these camps. They have helped establish programs at the Karuna Charitable Hospital as well.

In Tawang, Maha Bodhi Society has started an ambulance service to help patients without resources get to medical care in Tinsukia, a 3-hour drive away. In this region of mosquito borne illness, mosquito nets are also being distributed to the villagers.

Help bring medical care to the remote corners of these regions.

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