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Greetings from MMCF,
Below is an appeal from Maha Bodhi Society for aid with the desperate situation in India due to the Covid epidemic affecting the collapsed healthcare system and the economy. In some cases, whole families are getting Covid. Most people are left to fend for themselves with little help from the government.

The Relief Fund will help with the medical situation and also with survival aid packets. If you are able to assist it would be tremendously helpful. We have sent 1 transfer over and will be sending again in a few weeks.

Please check out the situation in India if you have not done so already and you will see how desperate things are. Any donations for this relief work can be sent by check to Mahabodhi Metta Charitable Fund or via paypal. PLEASE send an email or somehow designate what it is to be used for. Even small donations would be helpful. Thank you.

with Metta, Tim Moore President of Mahabodhi Metta Charitable Fund

Mahabodhi Metta Charitable Fund
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Karuna Medical CenterMahabodhi Karuna Medical Center

The Karuna Medical Center project has been planned to build and run a medical center purely on charitable lines. It will be absolutely free for rich and poor, based on the noble intention of offering Arogya dana – gift of health. In the modern times even health, the basic need of a human being, is sold for money. Though in a humble way, this medical center will serve everybody and give the gift of health totally free of charge to uphold humane qualities. We welcome one and all to support and be part of this noble cause. CLICK HERE for more information.

Dear Friends,

We sadly inform you that our most respected Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita, founder of Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore, passed away on Sept. 23, 2013 peacefully at Maha Bodhi Society. He had  a  stroke 3 months ago followed by a complicating lung infection. He was 92.

His loss will be deeply felt and  his many humanitarian projects begun in 1956 will continue in India.

Ven. Buddharakkhita, Bhante, was truly a man of compassion, action and inspiration. Wherever he perceived a need, he acted. And his thoughtful enthusiasm and  strength of commitment to help those in need was contagious. He provided spiritual service through his many writings, teachings and lectures and the development of  the monastery in Bangalore. His humanitarian works include the construction of 4 hospitals, a burns/casualty clinic, a prosthetic limb program, and other medical projects. Schools were established in various states of India, providing an educational program that nurtured moral character while providing a good education to children whose families had limited resources.

Last year Bhante sent a request to our U.S. organization to see if funds could be raised to help  with his final project: the Mahabodhi Karuna Hospital. His desire was to develop a rehabilitation hospital, unknown in that area, to provide treatment and support to the disabled without regard to ability to pay. There is clearly a tremendous need in India, with so many living in poverty and a lack of  healthcare. Construction began last year and it is expected that  treatment and therapies will begin in 2014. Funds are needed for the equipment and construction and development of therapeutic  programs.

We respectfully ask that those who have benefited from his many books, lectures, guidance, and teachings consider helping to complete Bhante’s final humanitarian project. Any donation is gratefully welcomed. The full amount of all donations contributed to the Mahabodhi Karuna Hospital project through MMCF will be sent  on to Bangalore for that purpose.

Bhante spoke of viewing life like a walk though a  garden. And  he wanted to leave the  garden a sweeter place for having passed through. He has truly done so.

May we all use his inspiration to enrich the world around  us.

There is always much work to be done and, with your help, MMCF will be able to contribute in a grand way to getting it done. With your help, the world will honestly and truthfully become a better place. There IS something that you, and you alone, can do. If enough of you do it, it becomes, not a small thing, but a huge thing that cannot help but have a gigantic positive impact on the world … everywhere … and on everyone!

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